Six Months From Now


I used Sally Hansen’s Pink Sapphire for the base and an NPW Nail Art red for the design this week. I added Pure Ice’s Oh Baby! for the extra sparkle.
Valentine’s Day is just under six months away now!

One thought on “Six Months From Now

  1. Reblogged this on Kayla's Only Heart and commented:
    Here are my nails this week.
    Not only is Valentine’s Day less than six months away from now but today marks the start of exciting upcoming dates each month:
    Today John Mayer releases his new album Paradise Valley.
    A month from today, Justin Timberlake releases 2 of 2 of his 20/20 Experience album.
    If you switch the date one day earlier, a month after that is my mom’s wedding.
    Then a month after the wedding is the Justin Timberlake concert! We can use date in the person sense rather than the calendar meaning, and I have a lovely gentleman taking me to the show.

    Right after that will be the holiday season! It’s crazy how quickly the summer has gone, but there are so many events to anticipate this fall. I hope you have dates that make you anxious too!

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