Starlit Darkness 






As it felt like I continued to fall deeper into darkness, I reminded myself to keep dreaming positively. My stars matched my pajamas to encourage my sleeping dreams as well. 

The following weekend I ventured out with my friends to attend a Taking Back Sunday and The Used concert. Surrounding myself with close friends lifted me up (even if I did rock some dark makeup to match the theme of the bands).  





These plain manicures go back to the fall. The season marked a time of change and a new look at my world. Perhaps the perspective in what I held in my hands stole some of the focus and expression I would normally have for my nail art. 

I went from a bold and confident red to a reserved nude color…

Next up is a shooting star manicure. 

Plain Sparkles


After the Top Shelf plain manicure, I had another plain one with some sparkles added. I just didn’t feel spirited enough to enjoy my me time.
I still made myself go through the motions though. I might not have been applying makeup regularly, but I kept my nails polished. The little touches kept me from totally losing myself.

Top Shelf Woman


After the black and pink design, I did a plain manicure halfway through the week in honor of a job interview. The Color Club polish Top Shelf gave me a classy confidence boost. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the celebratory champagne to match my nails since I ended up not working at the company. I’m still a top shelf woman though.


Black Out My Heart


This past week my nails got a bright, edgy, angsty manicure with Sally Hansen Black Out and NailRitz pink. Black can fit so many themes. Most people associate it with a more gothic or punk theme, but it can be so classy too. Perhaps I got somewhere in between with the added pink. Then the hearts can be bright and happy or dark and angsty depending on how you want to look at them. It’s always a matter of perspective.

Someone Red My List



My manicure keeps up the heart theme this week. The China Glaze color Santa Red My List may sound out of season, but someone was reading my list this week. Let’s just say good opportunities unfold as each day passes. I can see my goals slowly coming to fruition.

Tuxedos Open Doors


My manicure matched classy style and bolstered my confidence last week as doors opened for me. The Avon Peach Ice base resembled champagne or gold, both classy touches to life. The NailRitz tuxedos gave my nails further personalization (better suited on my nails than as an actual outfit on me).
It paid off to be me and to show my strengths and elegance.

Celia Listens To Love Songs



This past week my nails were Julep Celia with NailRitz blue heart music notes that doubled as headphones. They reminded me of five aspects of music and how closely it ties to expressions of love:

1.) Love and music are closely related. So many songs reflect relationships, their joys, their potential, their sparks, and their breaks.
2.) Listening to music unites us in the experiences of love; the songs remind us we are not the only ones who have been through such situations.
3.) The green and blue color combination reminds me of a certain someone who inspires my artistic writing lately, both sad and joyful about the time we have spent together.
4.) A cyclical relationship happens between listening to and writing music. Either way of experiencing the song has its therapeutic results.
5.) I have my manicure reflective of the most recent concert I’ve attended. My nails fit my OneRepublic with The Script and American Authors concert. All those bands, especially The Script share relationship highs and lows in their songs, inviting the audience to sing along.


Lola’s Heart Bursts


The hearts are back again, this week in a NailRitz pink over Julep Lola. They shine like the sun, a symbol of a joyful heart. It’s always possible to find joy, even if you’re not happy.

Hearts On Edge

My trademark hearts returned this week. They were even my color inside a sea of blue. The base was Illamasqua Phallic, and the hearts were a green NPW nail art polish pen.