Yellowpalooza Color Fest


My nails show off my favorite colors this week. Yellow is usually a harder color to mesh with my complexion, but it works a little better with the green design on top. The simpler argyle style stripes break up the yellow to help all the colors blend together. Adding a splash of another color can enhance a seemingly drab ensemble.

Maybe I can spice up my life with this concept as well. It can seem like I’ve got a color or situation that doesn’t quite work for me, but I can always enhance it with my own flavor. Temporarily staying with my mom while I’m in between apartments (during my drawn out move) might not be ideal, but it gets me to the city where I want to be and where I have more opportunities faster. That ultimately gets me farther with my other goals. For now, I can add my own splash by finding activities to get me acclimated to the community here.

For now, I’ll enjoy my NailRitz green stripes over my OPI Yellopalooza base on my nails.

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